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Get to Know Me

I am a nationally Board-Certified (NBCC) Professional Counselor Associate, registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists (OBLPCT). I completed my 3-year Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at George Fox University and am a graduate of the 2-year Hakomi Method training through Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (M.E.T.A.), now organized as the Hakomi Institute of the Pacific Northwest. I completed my Clinical Internship at the Center for Community Counseling in Eugene, Oregon. I am currently an intermediate level student in the 3-year Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner (SEP) professional training program and participate in regular clinical supervision with Suzie Wolfer, LCSW, SEP (owner of Oregon Somatic Therapy in Portland). I am also a Certified Breema® Bodywork Practitioner and integrate the spirit of Breema’s Nine Principles into both my talk therapy practice and personal life: body comfortable, no extra, firmness and gentleness, full participation, mutual support, no judgment, single moment - single activity, and no hurry - no pause.

Before coming into the field of counseling and psychotherapy, I enjoyed a diverse career in landscape architecture and urban and regional planning, including work with local and state governments, academic research, and as a private practice consultant, working on projects throughout the U.S. and overseas. I hold a Bachelors in Planning, Public Policy and Management and a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Oregon's School of Architecture and Allied Arts. Prior to that, during the late 1990s and early 2000s, I worked as a Residential Counselor with teens and adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities and ran a three-county Section 8 (low-income) housing program. I've come full circle in my career you might say!

I have lived in Eugene and the Willamette Valley, Oregon since 2002. I grew up in Boise, Idaho and as an adult, have had connections to Virginia, New Mexico, New York, California, and Maine.  My wife and I are the proud parents of twin daughters and share all kinds of adventures together. In my free time, I enjoy construction and home renovation projects, whitewater kayaking, native landscaping, connecting with family and friends, and growing delicious food in our garden.

My Specialties

My work integrates contemplative, mindfulness-based, and somatic (body-oriented) methods and approaches. I mostly work with individual adults but also enjoy working with teens and family units (such as adult-child + parent combos), who are aiming to heal and deepen their relationships. When working with parents of young kids, I may integrate instruction in Child Centered Play Therapy into our sessions to support and strengthen that vital parent-child attachment bond.

I tend to view common symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, as understandable instinctual responses to traumatic experiences, developmental trauma (aka cPTSD), internal or external stress, and experiences of relational mis-attunement. I’m also very curious about the ways we seem to inherit survival and coping strategies from previous generations, strategies that were necessary at the time to save our hides, but no longer serve us. I hold enormous trust in the innate, organic wisdom of each human person to move toward healing, restore balance, and to integrate and realize our full potential. While I provide structure to the therapeutic process, my aim is always to attune to and support the organic wisdom and inner leadership that arises from my clients.

I provide counseling and psychotherapy, in-person in Eugene and online throughout Oregon. I support people who have experienced acute or developmental trauma, overwhelming stress, and those who want extra support navigating the many challenges of life. I am selective in who I work with and expect my clients to be actively engaged in their own healing work outside of or in-between our sessions. I don't have much turn over in my practice these days but in general enjoy working with people seeking both short term focused work and a longer term therapeutic relationship.

Start by registering on my waitlist [here]

When my practice is full, I operate from an actively monitored waitlist. Space for new clients opens up when an existing client graduates or leaves my practice. Exact timing can be hard to estimate but there is usually some amount of flow and opportunity to add new clients to my practice. I encourage you to register if you are interested in working with me.

Please use the link above to register on my waitlist.  I ask few basic questions, including whether you are interested in In-Person or Online Video (telehealth) sessions, since my availability may be different depending on where and how we meet.

Next steps once I have availability

Once space opens in my practice, I will contact you, confirm if you are still interested, and schedule a no-fee (free) initial 20 min consultation.

I don't provide suicide, crisis, or emergency services, but click here for who to call

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency or crisis, please do not wait to get help.  Anywhere in the United States, you can call the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 9-8-8.  In the Eugene, Oregon area, you can also physically walk into the Hourglass Community Crisis Center, 24/7, located at 71 Centennial Loop, Suite A, Eugene, OR, 97401.   Other options include your nearest Urgent Care, Emergency Room, or if experiencing something life threatening, dial 9-1-1.

Options for meeting - In-Person in Eugene or Online (telehealth) anywhere in Oregon

In-person sessions are held at 840 Lawrence Street., Eugene, OR 97401, located just beyond the west side of core Downtown Eugene off Broadway. There is plenty of free 2-hr parking on the residential streets.

If you are feeling sick even a little bit or think you might be contagious, please call me before your appointment to discuss. I might ask that we wear masks and take special precautions in the office, or I might ask that we switch to Online Video or re-schedule. This is extremely important to protect myself and some of my clients who are immuno-compromised.

Please avoid wearing perfumes or scents when you come into the office. There will be a place in my office to remove your shoes and hang any coats or rain gear.

Map to 840 Lawrence Street, Eugene

You can join Online Video meetings from your home or anywhere else within the State of Oregon. We usually use Zoom for Healthcare (a special HIPAA compliant, encrypted, more private version of Zoom). Meeting online can be just as effective as meeting in person for most people, and for some, it's actually the ideal.   Many of my clients who normally meet in-person switch to online when they are feeling a little sick, have a last minute schedule conflict, or need to travel elsewhere in Oregon.

Privacy Policy and HIPAA protections

Below is an official (required) notice that describes how medical information about you (Protected Health Information or PHI) may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact:

Christopher Brehm, Professional Counselor Associate

Owner and "HIPAA Officer" for Inner Room Somatic Therapy, LLC

Phone: 541-275-6349


Effective Date: June 1, 2022                           Updated: November 1, 2022  

Inner Room Somatic Therapy, LLC (the "Practice") is committed to protecting your privacy. The Practice is required by federal law to maintain the privacy of Protected Health Information ("PHI"), which is information that identifies or could be used to identify you. The Practice is required to provide you with this Notice of Privacy Practices (this "Notice"), which explains the Practice's legal duties and privacy practices and your rights regarding PHI that we collect and maintain.

Your Rights

Your rights regarding PHI are explained below. To exercise these rights, please submit a written request to the Practice at the address noted below.

To inspect and copy PHI

- You can ask for an electronic or paper copy of PHI. The Practice may charge you a reasonable fee.

- The Practice may deny your request if it believes the disclosure will endanger your life or another person's life. You may have a right to have this decision reviewed.

To amend PHI

- You can ask to correct PHI you believe is incorrect or incomplete. The Practice may require you to make your request in writing and provide a reason for the request.

- The Practice may deny your request. The Practice will send a written explanation for the denial and allow you to submit a written statement of disagreement.

To request confidential communications

- You can ask the Practice to contact you in a specific way. The Practice will say "yes" to all reasonable requests.

To limit what is used or shared

- You can ask the Practice not to use or share PHI for treatment, payment, or business operations. The Practice is not required to agree if it would affect your care.

- If you pay for a service or health care item out-of-pocket in full, you can ask the Practice not to share PHI with your health insurer.

- You can ask for the Practice not to share your PHI with family members or friends by stating the specific restriction requested and to whom you want the restriction to apply.

To obtain a list of those with whom your PHI has been shared

- You can ask for a list, called an accounting, of the times your health information has been shared. You can receive one accounting every 12 months at no charge, but you may be charged a reasonable fee if you ask for one more frequently.

To receive a copy of this Notice

- You can ask for a paper copy of this Notice, even if you agreed to receive the Notice electronically.

To choose someone to act for you

- If you have given someone medical power of attorney or if someone is your legal guardian, that person can exercise your rights.

To file a complaint if you feel your rights are violated

- You can file a complaint by contacting the Practice using the following information:

Inner Room Somatic Therapy, LLC

1280 Pearl Street, Eugene, OR 97401

ATTN: Christopher Brehm


- You can also file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights by sending a letter to 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201, calling 1-877-696-6775, or visiting

- The Practice will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint.

To opt out of receiving fundraising communications

- If the Practice were to contact you for fundraising efforts, you can ask that this stop and ask not to be contacted again for this reason.

Our uses and disclosures

1. Routine Uses and Disclosures of PHI

The Practice is permitted under federal law to use and disclose PHI, without your written authorization, for certain routine uses and disclosures, such as those made for treatment, payment, and the operation of our business. The Practice typically uses or shares your health information in the following ways:

To treat you

- The Practice can use and share PHI with other professionals who are treating you.

- Example: Your primary care doctor asks about your mental health treatment.

To run the health care operations

- The Practice can use and share PHI to run the business, improve your care, and contact you.

- Example: The Practice uses PHI to send you appointment reminders if you choose.

To bill for your services

- The Practice can use and share PHI to bill and get payment from health plans or other entities.

- Example: The Practice gives PHI to your health insurance plan so it will pay for your services.

2. Uses and Disclosures of PHI That May Be Made Without Your Authorization or Opportunity to ObjectThe Practice may use or disclose PHI without your authorization or an opportunity for you to object, including:

To help with public health and safety issues

- Public health: To prevent the spread of disease, assist in product recalls, and report adverse reactions to medication.

- Required by the Secretary of Health and Human Services: We may be required to disclose your PHI to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to investigate or determine our compliance with the requirements of the final rule on Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information.

- Health oversight: For audits, investigations, and inspections by government agencies that oversee the health care system, government benefit programs, other government regulatory programs, and civil rights laws.

- Serious threat to health or safety: To prevent a serious and imminent threat.

- Abuse or Neglect: To report abuse, neglect, or domestic violence.

To comply with law, law enforcement, or other government requests

- Required by law: If required by federal, state or local law.

- Judicial and administrative proceedings: To respond to a court order, subpoena, or discovery request.

- Law enforcement: For law locate and identify you or disclose information about a victim of a crime.

- Specialized Government Functions: For military or national security concerns, including intelligence, protective services for heads of state, or your security clearance.

- National security and intelligence activities: For intelligence, counterintelligence, protection of the President, other authorized persons or foreign heads of state, for purpose of determining your own security clearance and other national security activities authorized by law.

- Workers' Compensation: To comply with workers' compensation laws or support claims.

To comply with other requests

- Coroners and Funeral Directors: To perform their legally authorized duties.

- Organ Donation: For organ donation or transplantation.

- Research: For research that has been approved by an institutional review board.

- Inmates: The Practice created or received your PHI in the course of providing care.

- Business Associates: To organizations that perform functions, activities or services on our behalf.

3. Uses and Disclosures of PHI That May Be Made With Your Authorization or Opportunity to Object

Unless you object, the Practice may disclose PHI:

- To your family, friends, or others if PHI directly relates to that person's involvement in your care.

- If it is in your best interest because you are unable to state your preference.

4. Uses and Disclosures of PHI Based Upon Your Written Authorization

The Practice must obtain your written authorization to use and/or disclose PHI for the following purposes:

- Marketing, sale of PHI, and psychotherapy notes.

You may revoke your authorization, at any time, by contacting the Practice in writing, using the information above. The Practice will not use or share PHI other than as described in Notice unless you give your permission in writing.

Our Responsibilities

- The Practice is required by law to maintain the privacy and security of PHI.

- The Practice is required to abide by the terms of this Notice currently in effect. Where more stringent state or federal law governs PHI, the Practice will abide by the more stringent law.

- The Practice reserves the right to amend Notice. All changes are applicable to PHI collected and maintained by the Practice. Should the Practice make changes, you may obtain a revised Notice by requesting a copy from the Practice, using the information above, or by viewing a copy on the website

- The Practice will inform you if PHI is compromised in a breach.

This Notice is effective on June 1, 2022.

Good Faith Estimate of Fees (private pay and commercial insurance)

[From Christo: The No Surprises Act Notice and Good Faith Estimate below is required by recent legislation, called the No Surprises Act. The legislation was in part a response to patients receiving unexpected "surprise" medical bills when they go to, for example, a hospital where they are told by the front desk that the hospital accepts their insurance, but in fact, some of the individual doctors or providers are not in-network. People would get these huge medical bills and were never given the chance to actually make an informed choice. As a "medical practice", I am also required to include the below Notice and Good Faith Estimate. In practice, working with me is much more transparent than the big hospital situations the Act was designed to address. If you have Oregon Health Plan, you don't have any fees, period, regardless of whether I am in-network or out-of network. (I happen to be out-of-network with most OHP CCOs in Oregon).  And if you are paying cash, my fee structure is very transparent and it is easy to estimate your total cost based on frequency of visits and how long we end up working together.   Nevertheless, I am required to post this... ]


This document describes your protections against unexpected medical bills. It also asks if you'd like to give up those protections and pay more for out-of network care.

IMPORTANT: You aren't required to sign and shouldn't sign it if you didn't have a choice of health care provider before scheduling care. You can choose to get care from a provider or facility in your health plan's network ("in-network provider"), which may cost you less. If you'd like assistance with this document, ask your provider. Take a picture and/or keep a copy of this form for your records.

You're getting this notice because this provider or facility isn't in your health plan's network and is considered out-of-network. This means the provider or facility doesn't have an agreement with your plan to provide services. Getting care from this provider or facility will likely cost you more. 

If your plan covers the item or service you're getting, federal law protects you from higher bills when: 

- You're getting emergency care from an out-of-network provider or facility, or 

- An out-of-network provider is treating you at an in-network hospital or ambulatory surgical center without getting your consent to receive a higher bill. Ask your health care provider or patient advocate if you're not sure if these protections apply to you. 

If you sign this form, be aware that you may pay more because: 

- You're giving up your legal protections from higher bills. 

- You may owe the full costs billed for the items and services you get. 

- Your health plan might not count any of the amount you pay towards your deductible and out of-pocket limit. Contact your health plan for more information. 

Before deciding whether to sign this form, you can contact your health plan to find an in-network provider or facility. If there isn't one, you can also ask your health plan if they can work out an agreement with this provider or facility (or another one) to lower your costs. 

Your cost estimate accompanies this notice and will be shared with you by your provider.

COST ESTIMATE.   My discounted fee for private pay clients paying day of / at time of service is $100 per session.  If you were to see me weekly for three months, your total cost would be close to $1,300.   If you were seeing me for six months, that would be $2,600, nine months would be $3,900, and 12 months $5,200.  This is without subtracting the inevitable cancelations or holidays during those timeframes.   If we were meeting every other week or tapered down from weekly to every other week, which is very common in my practice, the costs to you would be much lower.

Be Well Holistic Health - Portland Clinic

I am proud to be affiliated with Be Well Holistic Health, an integrative medical and wellness clinic in Portland. Be Well offers Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, Functional Neurology, Chiropractic, Massage, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Integrative Nutritional Counseling. Most practitioners accept Oregon Health Plan (OHP-Medicaid) plus commercial plans, automobile insurance, and private pay. Let me know if you have any questions or would like a referral.

Visit Be Well Holistic Health
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