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Why do you start appointments at those strange times: 00:007 or 00:37?

I start sessions at 7 minutes past the hour, or half-hour, to protect the time I need (5-7 minutes) to complete required charting and documentation. It's just easier for everyone to stop on the hour versus some random point. For example, if you have a "10:00am" 1-hr appointment, the sessions will run from 10:07 until 11:00am or a "3:30pm" appointment will run from 3:37pm until 4:30pm. After we close the session, I'll take those next 5-7 minutes to complete charting your session, maybe take a biobreak, and briefly prepare for my next session.

How do I schedule or change appointments days/times?

The best way to schedule or re-schedule your sessions is by visiting my secure Client Portal. If you don't see an available appointment time that works with your schedule, however, please ask me if there might be additional options that are just not showing up.  This is especially true if you want to move an appointment to a different time on the same day. 

As a patient at Be Well Holistic Health in Portland, how do I schedule sessions?

Be Well Holistic Health Patients using OHP should book all appointments through this link: https://dessa.as.me/Christo or contact Be Well reception at 503-217-4457. If you are not a patient at Be Well or if you are but pay with cash, please click on the Client Portal link at the top of this page to schedule.

How should we communicate between sessions? (Phone and Encrypted Email)

I use secure, encrypted services (ProtonMail, SpruceHealth, and CounSol EHR, etc. ) for my practice. However, if on your end you send me a standard SMS text from your phone or use email platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, etc, your message would not be secure. For this reason, I request that you communicate with me in one of the following ways: 1. Old fashioned way: call me at 541-275-6349 2. Send a secure message inside of your Client Portal: https://innerroom.secure-client-area.com/portal/ 3. If you feel inclined, you can create a free ProtonMail encrypted email account and email me at christo@innerroomtherapy.com. When we both use ProtonMail, secure end-to-end encryption is automatically applied. See: https://proton.me

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