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Why do you start appointments at those strange times: 00:007 or 00:37?

I start sessions at 7 minutes past the hour, or half-hour, to protect the time I need (5-7 minutes) to complete required charting and documentation. For example, if you have a 10:00am 1-hr appointment, the sessions will run from 10:07 until 11:00am or a 3:30pm appointment will run from 3:37pm until 4:30pm. After we close the session, I'll take those next 5-7 minutes to complete charting your session, take a biobreak, and briefly prepare for my next session.

How can clients prepare for sessions more deeply?

I invite you to "arrive" (either in-person or online) at the start of the hour and use those 7 minutes, or longer, to prepare for your session. You might take a moment to connect with your body in a nourishing way and make even little adjustments to find greater comfort and ease. You also might want to practice a bit of meditation or enjoy a few moments of silence. Even a few moments of intentional preparation can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your session!

What is the backup plan if our normal Telehealth (Online Video) plan fails?

If you can't access your online video session from your Client Portal, please go to: (no login required). You should also call me at 541-275-6349 to let me know what is going on.

Where is your Eugene office located (in-person sessions)?

In-Person sessions are held at 1280 Pearl St., Eugene, OR (CORE Healing House). Free 1 or 2 hr parking is available on some of the numbered side streets (for example, a block north on E. 12th Ave). Because of construction/renovations at the back of the building, there is currently no dedicated bike parking. Until that is complete, you can find places to lock up on the street but please make sure your bike and components are very secure as bike theft is far too common in Eugene.

As a patient at Be Well Holistic Health in Portland, how do I schedule sessions?

Be Well Holistic Health Patients using OHP should book all appointments through this link: or contact Be Well reception at 503-217-4457. If you are not a patient at Be Well or if you are but pay with cash, please click on the Client Portal link at the top of this page to schedule.

How should we communicate between sessions? (Phone and Encrypted Email)

I use secure, encrypted services (ProtonMail, SpruceHealth, and TherapyNotes, etc. ) for my email service, phone and voicemail, text messaging, fax, and medical documentation. However, if you sent me a standard SMS text from your phone or email using Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, etc, that message would not be secure. For this reason, I request that you communicate with me in one of the following ways: 1. Old fashioned way: call me at 541-275-6349 2. Create a free ProtonMail encrypted email account and email me at When we both use ProtonMail, secure end-to-end encryption is automatically applied. You can log in from a computer and use a phone app. See:

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