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Attendance and Cancelation Policy

 I have a 24 hours minimum cancellation policy, with 48 hrs or more preferred.  Please arrive on time, especially if I am billing your insurance which requires minimum appointment durations. To avoid missing or arriving late for an in-person appointment, I prefer that you switch to telehealth by giving me a call as soon as possible. True emergencies are an obvious exception. If you are an Oregon Health Plan (OHP) member, I can't charge late cancel or missed appointment fees, but I will likely switch you to same day scheduling if you miss or late cancel for 3 appointments within a 3 month period. For commercial insurance, MVA, or private pay clients, after one freebee per six months, the no-show or late cancel fee is equal to 50% of the full contracted session fee.

Online Scheduling / Booking Appointments
Launch Scheduled Online Video Session (Zoom)
Launch Zoom Call

If you get an error message that says "invalid link", you might need to download or update your Zoom app:

If your connection/bandwidth is low, consider using your phone for audio within Zoom so that your data can all go to running the video portion. (This may not work if you are already using a cell phone for your video call.)

Backup Plan if Zoom doesn't work. Please call me at 541-275-6349 to let me know and try me at Doxy Telehealth: (no login required)

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